SIJAC -- Selling is just a conversation

Would your team benefit?

Is SIJAC for you?

Find out if your sales team would benefit from the SIJAC programme.

SIJAC is for you if:-

  • your organisation consists mainly of consultants and you would like them to be better at finding new business opportunities.

  • your organisation is involved with selling medium to high value products and/or services that usually require in depth client relationships (and maybe service customisation).

  • you are launching a new product or service and you need to upskill your sales team to sell high value solutions rather than off the shelf products.

  • your sales team is of mixed ability and lacks the capability to describe where they are in a sale and what they need to do next.

  • your sales people cannot provide accurate sales forecasts even for the next month let alone the quarter, then the SIJAC methodology will suit them perfectly.

  • your organisation is a multinational and each sales team tells you that their way of selling is different, so forecasting is very difficult.

We modify each SIJAC programme to reflect the commercial and cultural influences of each market. We believe that regardless of nationality, the principles of selling are the same. If a person is acknowledged, listened to and respected, they will buy. These are the foundations of the SIJAC programme.

The SIJAC program is delivered worldwide.

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