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Our people

All our trainers and mentors are practising sales people who are committed to sharing their knowledge, experience and the SIJAC methodology.

Chris Allen Chris Allen has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in high value information technology products and services. His background is in sales, international marketing and worldwide operations at SVP level for major American and European software companies such as Thorn EMI, Comshare, Pilot and Allshare.

Alan Searle Alan Searle has over 20 years experience in the Computer Software industry. During this time he has worked in the sales environment as a Sales Specialist, Sales Manager and Director with companies such as Thorn EMI computer Software and IBM. For much of this time Alan has been involved in the managing, coaching and mentoring of sales people.

Hugh Gyton Hugh Gyton brings more than two decades’ experience and significant Australian, Asia Pacific and UK experience, including senior roles with IT leaders such as EMC and KAZ Computer Services. His previous career includes Managing Director of a consultancy providing sales performance training and international channel development.

David Thornley David Thornley has wide ranging business development experience with a track record of innovation and achievement. Successful in start-ups and mature organisations in roles from sales to VP Europe. 25 years quota-bearing sales responsibility. Recent successful initiatives in BI and CRM through working with companies such as Epiphany and Hyperion.

MaryAnn Pearce MaryAnn Richmond-Coggan has 12 years sales and marketing experience working in various roles for BT, including a joint venture bringing new technology products to new markets. She also owns and runs a property management business, Personal Property Services, and is the London Representative for the National Landlords Association. MaryAnn is passionate about creating teams that succeed together and focuses her coaching with individuals to achieve this.

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