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Comments from bosses and delegates:-

"... About 5 years ago I attended the 2 day telesales course through Parity and later the 5 day solution course. I still regard these events as the most important pieces of learning for the workplace I have ever completed. I find my self now after a couple of house moves unable to locate my course materials. Do you have any I could purchase or copy at all?"
Email received in Sept 2005 from
Matt Peers
Relationship Manager - Training

"Over the last 3 weeks we have had a sales bonanza and exceeded sales targets. Bearing in mind this is the most important sales month of the year (twice that of any other month) This is very, very good news. Julian, Emma and David (in the business development team) have all secured very large deals from being more 'bold' in their approach. Nigel got his first ever multi-year sale to a new client last week (I can't recall him ever doing this before). Fiona is working on more phone-based new client direct sales with considerable more confidence. All these people were very praising of your [SIJAC] programme."
Hay Group London

"The [SIJAC] programme gave the team exactly what was needed: a usable methodology and process, so that they can assess where they are in the sales cycle, evaluate whether it is worth pursuing, and what action to take next. These skills have created a more confident team that is making more profitable sales. Clientfocus has contributed greatly to the continuing success of our organisation."
Globetrotter Software

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