SIJAC -- Selling is just a conversation

Mentoring and coaching

Supporting your salespeople

This section briefly describes the SIJAC mentoring or coaching process.

Mentoring is assisting the salesperson by providing a combination of the following: questioning, motivation, recommendations, attendance at sales meetings, advice and experience.

Coaching is assisting the salesperson to discover what they need to do through questioning only.

SIJAC mentors/coaches have considerable experience (10 + years) in solution selling. They provide a combination of the methodology, personal coaching skills and advice which will greatly enhance the performance of your sales people.

A typical mentoring programme will involve six – 12 hours of mentoring over a three-month period. The mentoring medium is the workbook combined with support telephone conversations, e-mail and face-to-face meetings.

SIJAC mentors and coaches support salespeople on the basis that to be a better sales person all that is needed is to remove the personal barriers to success.

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