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Some of examples of work we've done

Case study #1 - Powering extraordinary growth
Back in 1999 a $1m UK division of a North American company, engaged us to develop and implement the SIJAC sales methodology for selling their banking back office system.

The organisation now has revenue of over $80 million and is an independent company employing 400 people worldwide. A large part of its success can be attributed to its sales people's ability to identify the real customer needs, satisfying them at a price that is value for the customer and yet highly profitable.

Additionally, the entire company is committed to the SIJAC methodology. The result is that everyone in the company has a clear or idea of what is occurring in each sale and what they need to do to ensure its successful conclusion. We continue to provide training and mentoring.

Case study #2 - A leg up the value chain
The senior management of an IT training company decided that the company needed augment its public course programme with higher value training services to large corporations in order to increase profitability.

It embarked on a sustained SIJAC sales training programme for all of sales staff over a period of 3 years. During that period all sales staff (old and new) went through the programme.

The result was that the value of the individual sales rose dramatically.

During the 3-year period of the programme, the company grew revenues from £4m to £10m and profitability followed suit.

Case study #3 - Instant pay-back
Throughout a SIJAC training course, the delegates are given the opportunity to talk about ongoing sales situations (mainly difficult ones) and apply the techniques immediately.

This case study illustrates the speed at which the SIJAC methodology can impact sales performance.

During a SIJAC course in South Africa, it became apparent that there were two sales situations that required immediate attention. The first situation was one where it looked as if the salesperson was going to lose the sale and in the second, the deal seemed impossible to close.

During the course the relevant sales people role-played the situations using the SIJAC methodology. The sales people became so confident that they immediately telephoned the prospects to ask for appointments during that week. They then took time from the course to conduct 'real' sales conversations with their prospects.

The results were astonishing; in the first case the company was placed on the short list of two and in the second a deal worth USD150,000 was struck at the meeting.

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